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  • Technical Information
    Projection system:DLP; projection method: Blanket; Blanket Rear; Back; Front; video compatibility: EDTV; HDTV; NTSC; PAL; SDTV; SECAM; computer compatibility: Google Chrome PC; Mac PC; Windows PC
  • Projection Lens
    Smallest Aperture:f/2.59; Minimum focal length:16,88 mm; Maximum focal length:21,88 mm; Minimum diagonal image size:762 mm; Maximum diagonal image size:7.62 m (300 in); Minimum projection distance:1 m; Maximum projection distance:7,80 m; Optical zoom:1.3x
  • Image
    native resolution:1280 x 800; Maximum resolution:1920 x 1200; Brightness (default mode):4500 lm; Native aspect ratio:16:10; Compatible aspect ratio:16:9; 4:3; Contrast ratio:20,000:1; Image width/projection distance ratio:1.21 to 1.57 (1955.80mm@2000mm); digital zoom:2x; Vertical trapezoidal correction:-40°/+40°; Maximum vertical frequency:120 Hz; Maximum horizontal frequency:100 kHz; Minimal vertical sync:24 Hz; Minimale horizontale Synchronisation:15 kHz; Supported color:1.07 billion colors (30 bit)
  • Lamp
    number of lamps:1; lamp power:203 W
  • I/O
    USB:Yes; Composite-Video:Yes; Number of VGA inputs:1; VGA input:Yes; Number of VGA outputs:1; VGA output:Yes; Number of audio inputs:1; Number of audio outputs:1; Audio Line-In:Yes; Audio Line-Out:Yes
  • Гаранция
    36 Months
  • Weight
    2.40 kg
  • Other
    wireless functionality: EZCast; Miracast WiFi
  • Warranty
    36 Months